Wild nature

Raindrops fall down on my tent. I hear them together with a great thunder. I just ran trough the dark camp, searching for a bucket to put my laundry in. Kind of intense, running trough the dark, with immediately flashes, that turns everything into fire for three seconds. Everything is pure wild taiga-nature it selves. Although a whole different view than yesterday.

Yesterday, when I climbed out of my tent to take care off the irritating animals that made a lot of noise, I saw it. I was amazed. An enormous sky, with millions of stars. On the left side I saw the full ‘Luna’, the Russian word for moon. I stared with an open mouth for almost ten minutes to the sky.

Now I am writing in the rain. It feels cozy with the four butterflies, who are hiding for the rain also. I feel at rest. My body feels better, and my mind too. Tomorrow, we will make a big home cinema, in the middle of the jungle. Crazy Eko folks.

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