Hitching from Europe to Turkey (Video 9-13)

In these video’s I am arriving back in Europe and I will decide to leave again in the direction of Iran. Traveling slowly, meeting lot’s of friends on the way I end up in a Greek prison.

#9 – After an exhausting hitchhike all the way from Mongolia, I am grateful for the chance to take a brake at home.

#10 – Quitting job, study and relationship and heading for the East

#11 – Seeing old friends, dumpsterdiving in Vienna

#12 – Last days in Vienna, traveling south

#13 – traveling south, ending up in a Greek prison

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  1. The mindfullnes and awareness of not waste food and all of the goods of te earth is very inspireing and I can feel close to people who share this lifestyle. I share these values and love the minimalistic way of living.
    Public transport, before individual driving.
    Walking, before useing any kind of fuel users.
    The best thing before leaving Serbia was to get to know you Rein. When it takes time before you upload new film I just rewatch the films that are allredy here.
    Love to all of the visitors of this blog and the mindfull living people.
    Love this blog. Zoltan

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