Hitching from Turkey through Armenia and Georgia to Iran (video 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19)

The heavy experience in Greece makes me go east. The travel will slowly lead you trough Turkey, Armenia and Georgia towards Iran and gives a review on living a nomadic life for a year.

#14 – After an unpleasant experience, I hitch-hike from Greece to Turkey

#15 – Resting and meeting nice people in Turkey

#17 – Having a great inside into permaculture and traveling trough Turkey

#18 – An ecological mandate and reviewing a year of living a nomadic life while being in Turkey

#19 – Hitching from Turkey through Georgia and Armenia, to Iran while experiencing great hospitality on the road.

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    1. Hey Zoltan! No, I choose especially to upload them on my own website so they stay mine:)

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