Free – Vrij

Classic music plays on the background in the smoky room. I find it cozy. Yesterday, the lawsuit where I came to Greece for is post-phoned till June 2018. I am not sure If I will be here by then. Where will I winter? Here in ThessalonĂ­ki? Or will I go to Athens? Or Turkey? Or back to Prague and do a voluntary job at the free school of Kuba and Katka. Manolis and Theresa speak Greek with each other. Is this the language that Socrates spoke 2300 years ago? Theresa wants to finish the conversation that, I think I can see that by the uncomfortable smile on her face. But it is already going on for two hours.

The lawsuit is post-phoned and I am free to go. I was whatever free to go because it was a Higher court, demanded by us. I feel it. The energy streams trough my body. When the first sunbeam falls in Europe – I will cycle towards the east. I don’t need a lot to be happy man. How different was that two years ago.

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