The war against terror

‘We accepted an political regime that is sustained by fear. I don’t think one has to justify the cost and nature of the national security state, one just has to keep the people fearful enough to support it.’ Source: ‘Shadow world’, 2016

Sometimes my eye is attracted by the dutch NPO (Dutch Public Broadcast) website. I mostly felt like an einzelganger, warning people for the dangers of weapon industry and how we have an doubtable democracy, taken over by big corporates. The news that was normally only broad-casted in anarchistic, ecological activistic surroundings, perceived by the mass as complot-theories – is more and more entering the public debate. This is quite new for me. Watch ‘Shadow world’, – for people outside The Netherlands, with a VPN connection. If you don’t know what a VPN connection is, contact me, I will explain. Is war nowadays really about religious fundamentalism or does the war has to go on to keep the economical profit machine running?

Of course, I wouldn’t write without giving possibilities. This is what you can do:

– Spread the word
– Vote for a party that refuses to invest in weapon industry.
– Search for a bank that doesn’t want to invest in weapon industry. When it is a state bank, most of states are investing in weapon industry. Research!
– Spam your insurance company with the question why they are investing in those dirty dark wars.

I write this from out of Czech, volunteering at a free school. Raising children in freedom – so they can explore who they are and what they really want instead of adults telling them what they have to do to be something in society. I feel an intense power and love when I think about all the beautiful initiatives that makes people more conscious. Aren’t you agreed or do you want to talk further about what I am writing? Comment please or contact me!

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  1. Dag Rein,

    wat grappig dat je vrijwilliger bent bij een vrije school 😉 Ik zou wel meer willen weten van die school. Heb je een naam of een link?

    Groet Rick

    1. It is a virtual private network, a nice function is here that you can use it to pretend that you are in another country. would recommend windscribe They have also some nice info about their service. When you installed it, choose as connection: The Netherlands – and you can watch the documentary.

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