There is a lot of passion, idea’s and love in the alternative ways of living. The projects that the people built and I’ve seen them, are mind-blowing. But I feel there is one thing repeating and repeating, the more I learn about myself and visiting this places. As a social worker I see communities, families, healing places or whatever group of people that try to live together struggling with yes; communication. Hey, I’ve heard that word lot’s of times before! Yes, because it will always come back – in every situation where a human being tries to make contact with another or more human beings.

Part one: Mimics
Do we smile, look neutral or are our mouth corners slightly down? What is the volume that we use for saying our part? Loud, angry, neutral or soft? And what about the combination of the eyes and the mouth? Straight in the face while smiling? And what about the frown between and above our eyes? Did we ever go outside of ourselves (This shouldn’t be a strange question towards spiritual persons under us or psychedelic users!) to take a look at our facial expression when we are arguing? Would I like to talk or to argue with the person that I see in the mirror?

Part 2: Listening
Do we carefully listen to the story/arguments that the other person brings? Or is the answer where we want to over-argue the other with already on our lips? Back to the basics of listening. Watch it! The face of other persons – it is often clear. The closer the shoulders are going in the direction of the head, the more your talking partner is stressed and you  know that your story is not entering anymore.

People, we are loosing our energy! Communities, healing places, family’s, nomads – everyone that wants to build sustainable projects. Permaculture farmers, ecologists and spiritual teachers, Listen! See the other person! It is so important to give importance to that what we call small details. Because of the word ‘small’ it doesn’t seem to have priority in us. Be open! See the other! Solve the communication fog! Much chance that the actual subject you were talking about is finished in 5 minutes afterwards because you gave someone the feeling that his or her feelings matter to you. Do you want to love? Do you want to be good for the earth? Do you enjoy the birds singing? Do you like cuddling with dogs but you don’t want to see the person that’s in front of you? A person that’s alive and wants to built this wonderful alternative way of living together with you. Look to his or her face, mimics, body. Listen to the story. Listen to listen to listen to listen! Ignore your mind that is gonna tell you too interrupt and focus again on listening! Make your mantra listen! What is talking about love – if we cannot listen to anyone else than our mind? That being said, I want to share something beautiful that happened to me a week ago, in the snow.

I feel shivers as I walk outside, into the snow and towards the wooden frame that should be a shower. In my hand there is the tub with steamy warm water. The water is more than 40 degrees Celsius and the temperature outside is below zero. The sky is clear and there are millions of stars visible. The snow makes the nature around here even more silent as it was without. The water is too hot to bath myself and I pour a bit of snow inside to lower the temperature before I take the metal cup to wash my naked body. I don’t have to explain that the scene and feeling is special. Maybe some people will think: ‘Respect, wow’, while for me it is pure luxury. After two and a half year, there is a place that I can call home. I dry my skin and walk trough the dark towards the sleeping room. I will  fire the stove and do a concentration meditation.

Love, from Bulgaria and please, remind me of my own article when I am not listening to you well. Because everyone deserves a great listener.

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  1. Nice to read you found a comunity and a place, even a concept of society, worth developing.
    Try on dear, brother!
    Conflict creates beauty. Adversity breeds value.
    The human mind is a place to define connection.
    Have a lovely time, you loved and wonderfull human.

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