Elderly and insulation

No one is younger than seventy in the bus from Vrav to Vidin. They left to a ‘better’ world, their children and grandchildren. Most of the houses are empty around the villages and small city’s. Lot’s of Balkan villages are right now elderly villages that saw most of youngsters leaving and their houses crumble.

We started our project in the most North-West corner of Bulgaria in a village with 200 people in winter. The villagers know us better every day by visiting the local pub and church to get to speak to the people. We insulated one room in the 1939 and moved in three days ago. There is no running water, but we take drinking water from the neighbors and for the water to do the dishes/laundry/shower we melt the snow. The stove is working, after Freddy cleaned the chimney. That is necessary because it will be -20 in January. The focus is now on wood, insulating and making contact with the village. Feel welcome to come by!

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  1. Leuk om wat fotos te zien! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je project en naar alle bijzondere verhalen die de oudjes met zich mee dragen. All the best my friend!

  2. Hi Rein , have a great time in Bulgaria .More people with your ideas and your practical hands and your human, natural thinking and our world become peaceful, humanly, friendly. We wish you , you can see one day the success of your projects. All the best for you and your friends working with you in 2019 from your a.p. Angela and Hansjoerg

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