The ‘fix it yourself’ culture

A lot of electronics is thrown away every second, even in the economically poorest region in Bulgaria. There is too much garbage to be properly processed. A documentary about our waste-society made me discover Ifixit, an open source platform where everyone can learn how to repair electronics themselves and where you can upload your repair manual. At the repair cafe you can repair your stuff without the need to buy your own tools. 3500 now exist worldwide. Often people help you there or you can help them. It will reduce the need for buying your own tools, will minimize production CO2 emission and makes you able to do more things yourself.

Together with Freddy, we started the WeTheFuture project. The project emerged out of an already existing platform named “Rent without Rent” , a way to let people live for free in your house in exchange for keeping the house beautiful or doing some reparations with the purpose to revive the village and get people out of the city. We will plant trees and upcoming weeks we will clean, renovate the house so it will be livable – and finally we can build on what we have learned the last years. I am so happy and honored. I will be able to give back that what I have received the last years and be a host instead of a guest. There will be a repair cafe as well together with a bike workshop and a tool library. We have to exchange more instead of throwing away and buying new. Learning how the machines actually work that we use will make our brains working better.

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