About ‘An Embrace of Emptiness’

Four years ago, I exchanged my working and studying life for a Neo-nomadic life.

In the first months I ended up in an Eco-village, deep in the Siberian taiga. Inspired by the minimalist way of living, I started hitchhiking from Mongolia back to the Netherlands, driven by a feeling of loneliness, a sort of empty feeling that I could even feel with people around me. I wondered why I tried to fill this up with external things like food, porn, smoking, always trying to work – instead of just being ok with the moment. In the second half a year of this travel, when I hitchhiked to Iran – I felt that I should get rid of everything that distracted me from feeling myself. I quit my job, room, social media, smart-phone and started traveling slower, to be and connect with the places where I am in. Half 2017 I started cycling with the goal of reaching Australia in a couple of years with a recumbent. I learned the hard way to meditate since I had to stop every 500 kilometers, due to injuries in my knees.

Out of the system?
That’s not my goal. Awareness is my goal. It took me a while to de-school myself from consumerism although for a couple of things I am still dependent on it. I would rather call it ‘flirting with the walls around society’

I encourage and support:
– Local, bio-dynamic permaculture food.
– Minimalism in transportation, promoting cycling and walking.
– Decision making by Consensus and Direct-Democracy
– Community living with an exchange economy
– Reading less news and focus on different sources instead of one mainstream source.
– The use of environmentally friendly materials like natural houses/stuff and compost heaps.

Nomadwiki – info for a nomadic way of living
Hitchwiki – info about hitchhiking
Trashwiki – dumpster-diving and creating value out of ‘trash’