I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing right now without hitchhiking and cycling into ‘the unknown’ from 2016 till 2020 and livingĀ  a nomadic life for those years. However, there’s much more to this story.

In 1991 I woke up from my mothers belly in a near-to dead experience and was raised in a absolutely warm family, but tied by one of the strictest protestant sects in The Netherlands which left me with an intense insecurity about what I am. When I was finally able to break free from those chains, I was already over 18 years old, changed my religion more often than I changed girlfriends, moved from religious community to religious community till I started asking myself what it is that I am actually searching for, which I didn’t find in my profession, study and even relationships. It led me deep into ecological activism wherein I decided to leave everything that I love and loved and took the Transsiberian Express and hitchhiked into the deepest point of the Siberian taiga where I met Constantin, a Russian shaman. How important he was for my thoughts, I am discovering nowadays. Everything he had left, to built a sustainable life in the middle of the taiga, with nearest neigbours in 70 km distance.

In the second half a year of this travel, when I hitchhiked to Iran – I felt that I should get rid of everything that distracted me from feeling myself. I quit my job, room, social media, smart-phone and started traveling slower, to be and connect with the places where I am in. Half 2017 I started cycling with the goal of reaching Australia in a couple of years with a recumbent. I learned the hard way to meditate since I had to stop every 500 kilometers, due to injuries in my knees.

Out of the system?
That’s not my goal. Awareness is my goal. It took me a while to de-school myself from consumerism although for a couple of things I am still dependent on it. I would rather call it ‘flirting with the walls around society’