Na vier jaar geleefd te hebben in vreemde landen, rijden we van Praag naar Texel waar ik pijn voel door de afstand met mijn vrienden in Tsjechi√ę. In dezelfde tijd word ik warm verwelkomd door mijn nieuwe familie en voel ik me thuis, dicht bij de zee.

After four years of living in foreign countries, we’re driving from Prague to Texel, where I experience the heartbreak with my friends in Czech and at the same time being warmly welcomed by a new family – feeling home next to the sea..


Sorry voor als jullie de laatste video’s moesten missen, er was iets mis met mijn mail-systeem. Vanaf hier (hoop ik) is alles weer volgbaar. De overige video’s zijn op youtube terug te kijken.
Sorry if you guys missed the last video’s, there was an error with my mail-system. From here on I hope everything will run smooth. You can watch them back on youtube.

Het is de laatste kans voor een inkijk in mijn rijke leven, geleefd in Tsjechie. Afscheid nemen is intens en soms verdrietig maar ik voel dat het de juiste keus is.
It’s the last opportunity to have a glimpse into my rich life, lived in Czech. The goodbye is intense and sometimes sad but I feel like it’s the right choice.


#32 – Two years in a nutshell

May I present to you: The first video after two years as well as a new layout of my website. What started as a cycling-trip towards Australia, turns out to have total different outcomes. There is a need to stay for longer and longer in places.

The rhythm of the waves – Het ritme van de golven

The rhythm of the waves veats a kind of time, it is not clock or calendar time. It has no urgency. It happens to be timeless time. I know that I am listening to a rhythm which has been just the same for millions of years, and it takes me out of a world of relentlessly ticking clocks. Clocks for some reason or other always seem to be marching, and, as with armless marching is never to anything but doom. But in the motion of waves there is no marching rhythm. It harmonizes with our very breathing. It does not count our days. Its pulse is not in the stingy spirit of measuring, of marking out how much still remains. It is the breathing of eternity, like the God Brahma of Indian mythology inhaling and exhaling, manifesting and dissolving the worlds, forever, Alan W. Watts, 2011

I don’t know why this has to be read right now, but I feel why I am reading this. Lonely I felt the last couple of days, sleeping in a tank-station close to Ljubljana, now being in a beautiful place next to a river with a table-tennis table and lots of greenery around. I am sitting upon the foot of a broken old bridge. Short after the split up of Yugoslavia the river broke out of its normal path and the whole bridge came down and broke into the water. Now the river is streaming over the old bricks where some metal pins are sticking out. It is the local place where the young and old people of the city – hang out together and allowed us to have a small pre-hitchgathering. Quite a surrealistic place with this bridge. I choose to have a short central European/Balkan hitchhike since my right knee hurts again to much to cycle. I think I have to change the distance for my legs on the bike so I have to push less and pull more. ‘Regentropfen’ from Chopin plays on the background while I am writing this. I just danced my ass of for more than an hour on ‘faithless’ music that came out of the small speakers of my laptop. I picked sweet fruit from the trees around. I felt lonely alone when the last people left. Now I feel alone in peace with watching clouds that cover the mountains on the left of me and the world that slowly falls asleep. The fresh green colours of the trees change slowly into dark contours. The insects are making sounds to prepare themselves for the night with here and there a lonely bird. I am going, put my phone on to see if I got texts from beautiful people and then hopefully fall asleep with the rest of Slovenia. Tomorrow I’ll hope to head for Vienna to reload my food storage in the rich dumpsters and the day after visiting¬† a second pre-hitchgathering close to Prague with – I call them my second family. Did I say that I was lonely? Love