The rhythm of the waves – Het ritme van de golven

The rhythm of the waves veats a kind of time, it is not clock or calendar time. It has no urgency. It happens to be timeless time. I know that I am listening to a rhythm which has been just the same for millions of years, and it takes me out of a world of […]

Hibernating in Bulgaria, returning to Czech (Video 30-31)

I take a break from cycling to hibernate in the Bulgarian mountains. I return to Czech to volunteer for a while in a democratic school and leave again to cycle in the direction of the Danube delta in Romania. #30 – I am hitching to Bulgaria due to pain in my knees from the cycling, […]

Hitching from Mongolia to Europe (Video 4,5,8)

About the homesickness and the hitch-hike back from Mongolia to the Netherlands. #4 – The hitchhike from Mongolia, towards Lake Baikal, Irkutsk and Kansk. #5 – From Kansk in the direction of Novosibirsk. Surviving in the autumn cold of Siberia. #8 – From Siberia to Europe. Exhaustion and a race home

From Europe through Siberia to Mongolia (Video 1-3)

These first video’s are about the beginning of my nomadic life, where-in I thought I would travel for 10 month’s. #1 – Taking the Trans-Siberian express to the middle of the Siberian taiga, hitch-hiking into Mongolia and surviving Mongolian wilderness. #2 – After staying with nomads I am volunteering in Mongolia at the Anak Ranch. […]