Sorry voor als jullie de laatste video’s moesten missen, er was iets mis met mijn mail-systeem. Vanaf hier (hoop ik) is alles weer volgbaar. De overige video’s zijn op youtube terug te kijken.
Sorry if you guys missed the last video’s, there was an error with my mail-system. From here on I hope everything will run smooth. You can watch them back on youtube.

Het is de laatste kans voor een inkijk in mijn rijke leven, geleefd in Tsjechie. Afscheid nemen is intens en soms verdrietig maar ik voel dat het de juiste keus is.
It’s the last opportunity to have a glimpse into my rich life, lived in Czech. The goodbye is intense and sometimes sad but I feel like it’s the right choice.



The war against terror

‘We accepted an political regime that is sustained by fear. I don’t think one has to justify the cost and nature of the national security state, one just has to keep the people fearful enough to support it.’ Source: ‘Shadow world’, 2016

Sometimes my eye is attracted by the dutch NPO (Dutch Public Broadcast) website. I mostly felt like an einzelganger, warning people for the dangers of weapon industry and how we have an doubtable democracy, taken over by big corporates. The news that was normally only broad-casted in anarchistic, ecological activistic surroundings, perceived by the mass as complot-theories – is more and more entering the public debate. This is quite new for me. Watch ‘Shadow world’, – for people outside The Netherlands, with a VPN connection. If you don’t know what a VPN connection is, contact me, I will explain. Is war nowadays really about religious fundamentalism or does the war has to go on to keep the economical profit machine running?

Of course, I wouldn’t write without giving possibilities. This is what you can do:

– Spread the word
– Vote for a party that refuses to invest in weapon industry.
– Search for a bank that doesn’t want to invest in weapon industry. When it is a state bank, most of states are investing in weapon industry. Research!
– Spam your insurance company with the question why they are investing in those dirty dark wars.

I write this from out of Czech, volunteering at a free school. Raising children in freedom – so they can explore who they are and what they really want instead of adults telling them what they have to do to be something in society. I feel an intense power and love when I think about all the beautiful initiatives that makes people more conscious. Aren’t you agreed or do you want to talk further about what I am writing? Comment please or contact me!

Hibernating in Bulgaria, returning to Czech (Video 30-31)

I take a break from cycling to hibernate in the Bulgarian mountains. I return to Czech to volunteer for a while in a democratic school and leave again to cycle in the direction of the Danube delta in Romania.

#30 – I am hitching to Bulgaria due to pain in my knees from the cycling, hibernating to finally hitch back to Czech Republic

#31 – Back in the Czech Republic, I start volunteering in a Democratic School. However, after a couple of month’s my restless body makes me leave by bicycle again.

Film that I made for Donum Felix (the democratic school)