Starite Borove (Old Pines)

For almost a month, I didn’t write a blog. A new project emerged out of the growing friendship with my Bulgarian friend who has a rest-house, deep in the Bozoritsa forest.


When I sit in front of the house, catching the first sunbeams of the spring – I hear the small river, down in the valley. On my left, twenty meters from me, there is the natural spring that gives access to a continuous stream of living water. Taking some rest from Vrav, I am realizing myself that for this period of my life I have to allow myself to have some basic facilities. Being in and around the rest-house – seeing it’s great potential to put my gathered knowledge of the past years into practice, I offered my help. This is how my life goes from being a nomad with a backpack/bicycle towards a sort of rest-house coordinator, taking the lead in a team of four people, including me. I feel honoured that my friend trusts me and my knowledge with his property to make the place self sustainable. The compost-bin is realized, we are working on the first small permaculture fundament together with Merope and the total garden is being cleaned by the hard working work-awayers that learn me how to be a better manager. I’ve made some short/mid/long term goals. If you have questions or suggestions, let me know.

Forest and camper place

Short-term goals (1/2 months)
– One permaculture garden
– At least one compost toilet outside
– Functional kitchen compost system
– Separating the trash so the only garbage will be plastic
Mid-term goals (between now and 12 months)
– The whole property as permaculture garden
– Connecting the rest-house with the water from the well
– Find an alternative for electricity (Probably propeller on hill)
– Start creating home made cleaning products instead of chemicals used for cleaning – and after that a proper water filter system (Aquaponics)
– A mindset change from consumerism towards a holistic conscious view and transformation from mainstream tourism towards ecotourism
Long-term goals (1/2 years)
– The whole property designed according to the permaculture philosophy
– Only Eco-tourism
– A place full of creativity and light that can shine into the villages and cities around and being an example for Eco-tourism

First foundation of the Permaculture garden (background compost bin)

Hibernating in Bulgaria, returning to Czech (Video 30-31)

I take a break from cycling to hibernate in the Bulgarian mountains. I return to Czech to volunteer for a while in a democratic school and leave again to cycle in the direction of the Danube delta in Romania.

#30 – I am hitching to Bulgaria due to pain in my knees from the cycling, hibernating to finally hitch back to Czech Republic

#31 – Back in the Czech Republic, I start volunteering in a Democratic School. However, after a couple of month’s my restless body makes me leave by bicycle again.

Film that I made for Donum Felix (the democratic school)

Reviving the Countryside

We are dancing, screaming – playing the guitar, melodica and sing. There are no borders, we are acting as crazy as possible. When he looks at me, I see a small boys face, eyes looking frolicsome. I enjoy almost every minute. Sometimes it is difficult and we need some distance. We smash Dutch humour against everyone that we meet on the streets. Things where I would not think about when I would be alone. There is nothing on the planning anymore – which makes living in every second joyful.

In front of Bansko is the mountain Pirin. Bansko itself is a ski resort where the environment is damaged by the winter-tourism. All the time, big SUV’s drive by in the direction of the ski-piste. Every 20 meters we find valuta-change offices. Luckily, we have to walk five minutes to be out of the tourist zone and it makes place for a great green landscape (still) because in a couple of days everything will turn white.

While being on the road with Freddy, I learn more about his mission. Driven by a pain how many human beings torture themselves by consumerism and capitalism, sending their kids to schools that turn them into sheep’s that are not learning how beautiful they are, he is searching for the little villages, abandoned by the people that drove to the cities. Here, he wants to revive the countryside Making place for nomadic people, local people and create a environment of love. Love for the earth, love for everything that’s moving around. There is an automatic playful, musical and connection between us where we invite each other to think or rather feel further than we did. It is so incredibly important to hang out with people that inspire. We found an Eco-village on the other side of the mountain. In a couple of days we will move there. Compost toilet, solar energy, a great water-filter system. It is possible to live energy neutral. Everyone can do this, even in the city. So soon, we will move to a place where we can saw wood, take water from a river, make a fire to stay warm. No air-co to warm the body, but physical work.

Much love and a conscious new year!