Starite Borove (Old Pines)

For almost a month, I didn’t write a blog. A new project emerged out of the growing friendship with my Bulgarian friend who has a rest-house, deep in the Bozoritsa forest. When I sit in front of the house, catching the first sunbeams of the spring – I hear the small river, down in the […]

Hibernating in Bulgaria, returning to Czech (Video 30-31)

I take a break from cycling to hibernate in the Bulgarian mountains. I return to Czech to volunteer for a while in a democratic school and leave again to cycle in the direction of the Danube delta in Romania. #30 – I am hitching to Bulgaria due to pain in my knees from the cycling, […]

Reviving the Countryside

We are dancing, screaming – playing the guitar, melodica and sing. There are no borders, we are acting as crazy as possible. When he looks at me, I see a small boys face, eyes looking frolicsome. I enjoy almost every minute. Sometimes it is difficult and we need some distance. We smash Dutch humour against […]

Wild nature

Raindrops fall down on my tent. I hear them together with a great thunder. I just ran trough the dark camp, searching for a bucket to put my laundry in. Kind of intense, running trough the dark, with immediately flashes, that turns everything into fire for three seconds. Everything is pure wild taiga-nature it selves. […]