Hitching from Europe to Turkey (Video 9-13)

In these video’s I am arriving back in Europe and I will decide to leave again in the direction of Iran. Traveling slowly, meeting lot’s of friends on the way I end up in a Greek prison.

#9 – After an exhausting hitchhike all the way from Mongolia, I am grateful for the chance to take a brake at home.

#10 – Quitting job, study and relationship and heading for the East

#11 – Seeing old friends, dumpsterdiving in Vienna

#12 – Last days in Vienna, traveling south

#13 – traveling south, ending up in a Greek prison

Hitching from Mongolia to Europe (Video 4,5,8)

About the homesickness and the hitch-hike back from Mongolia to the Netherlands.

#4 – The hitchhike from Mongolia, towards Lake Baikal, Irkutsk and Kansk.

#5 – From Kansk in the direction of Novosibirsk. Surviving in the autumn cold of Siberia.

#8 – From Siberia to Europe. Exhaustion and a race home

From Europe through Siberia to Mongolia (Video 1-3)

These first video’s are about the beginning of my nomadic life, where-in I thought I would travel for 10 month’s.

#1 – Taking the Trans-Siberian express to the middle of the Siberian taiga, hitch-hiking into Mongolia and surviving Mongolian wilderness.

#2 – After staying with nomads I am volunteering in Mongolia at the Anak Ranch.

#3 – While staying at the Anak Ranch in Mongolia I am considering traveling back to Europe trough Kazachstan or Russia.

Living water

‘Sometimes I feel like I am fine on my own’
‘1500 miles from home’

The first number that my mp3 player choose is ‘crazy English summer’, from the artist Faithless.

‘The grass is greener without pain.’
‘I think that I am changing but I am still the same.’
‘Sometimes I think I am glad to be free’
‘Sometimes I still want your arms around me.’

I sit down on a stone in the river that does make me think about the river with living water, the Bible writes about. It is almost a month ago that dad dropped me at a gasoline-station at the side of the A2, from where I would leave – to end up here, in the middle of Siberia. The river of living water is sometimes frozen in winter. I know that home – what is home – will be the same. But here, nothing is the same. The world stands upside down. My thoughts are often still in the Netherlands. But more and more they focus on my travel. It is necessary. I am not choosing the most safe travel routes and methods. Eko-Zvenigorod is done in about three days. I will hitchhike back to Gorno Altaisk, where from I will prepare all documents to cross the border to North-West Mongolia. Exciting. Still I am afraid sometimes. But I see that I am just doing everything. And the fear disappears.

Dad.. He did not know what to say when he dropped me at the gasoline station. Me neither. What do you say when you leave for a year? ‘I am sorry?’, ‘I will be back’, like Schwarzenegger?’ I am also not sure if I told him that I love him. You see, my thoughts are at home again.

The sun is burning. I will go under water for a second, in this river with ‘living water’. Of course – naked.

Wild nature

Raindrops fall down on my tent. I hear them together with a great thunder. I just ran trough the dark camp, searching for a bucket to put my laundry in. Kind of intense, running trough the dark, with immediately flashes, that turns everything into fire for three seconds. Everything is pure wild taiga-nature it selves. Although a whole different view than yesterday.

Yesterday, when I climbed out of my tent to take care off the irritating animals that made a lot of noise, I saw it. I was amazed. An enormous sky, with millions of stars. On the left side I saw the full ‘Luna’, the Russian word for moon. I stared with an open mouth for almost ten minutes to the sky.

Now I am writing in the rain. It feels cozy with the four butterflies, who are hiding for the rain also. I feel at rest. My body feels better, and my mind too. Tomorrow, we will make a big home cinema, in the middle of the jungle. Crazy Eko folks.