Summer in Balkans – Zomer in de Balkans

I think about Grandma when I take a break, here at the blue water of a river in Macedonian Greece. She always talked about her far journey’s while she read her magazine ‘ Royals’ and felt asleep with the only sound remaining – the ticking clock. A feeling of love streams through me when I think about this valuable moments of my childhood. Her body lies already for over a year under a cold stone in a wooden frame.

Next step offline life. I stopped making video’s. For over two years I’ve searched for a way to tell at least a part of the story. But it tells to little. Moments that really matter, like this thoughts about grandma – I can’t film that. In conversations, it doesn’t feel good to start the camera. It feels like a break of trust after having great conversations. The hours of editing and the need for a big laptop to carry all the time are not making it more attractive. That’s how I can be more in the moment. To be with the guy that drove 10 km more while explaining the road for us in a language that I don’t understand. To talk with the Serbian lady of a hotel where I passed by, which I reminded her of her sun of my age so she gave me a free shower, lot’s of food and coffee for free. To be with you, when I am physically there. Slowly I am getting to the end of my Balkan trip, trying not to think about the winter.. Where will I be? I feel a bit stressed, but it is also a great feeling of leaving the unknown and knowing that there will be something. The moment that I finish this blog, I look out of the window in Belgrade and see that the leaves are starting to be brown. It is autumn, although still warm here. Tomorrow I want to hitchhike back to Vienna, where my bike is and try to cycle a bit more to the east before it will be winter. It is getting dark, my eyelids are closing themselves. I close my laptop and zzzz..

Cycling from The Netherlands to Czech Republic (video 27-29)

I am leaving by bicycle and cycle trough West and central Europe, meeting lot’s of great friendships for life on the way.

#27 – The funeral of my grandma leaves me in confusion. Nevertheless I decide to leave Europe again, this time by bicycle

#28 – cycling from The Netherlands, through Germany to the Hitchgathering

#29 – Cycling through Germany, staying in Kesselberg – continuing to Czech Republic

Hitching back home through Georgia and Turkey to Europe (video 24 – 26)

I am hitch-hiking back home through Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and East/central/west Europe for the wedding of my sister and the funeral of my grandma.

#24 – Hitching from Armenia through Georgia to a great ecological farm

#25 – Working on a great organic farm and the visit of my little sister in Georgia

#26 – Back in The Netherlands, the great contradiction of a wedding and a funeral

Hitching through Iran, back to Armenia (Video 20-23)

I will discover life in Iran and travel trough Armenia again. In Iran I make a loop and travel slowly back home because my sister will have her marriage. I am very touched by the impressive Iranian and Armenian experiences.

#20 – I am slowly traveling through Iran, discovering the culture, music and making friends and start volunteering in a hostel

#21 – After volunteering in the desert of Iran, I hitchhike through the country, making great friends

#22 – After being for a month in Iran, I hitchhike back to Armenia and being there for longer time, I experience the great desolation of the country

#23 – My last weeks in Armenia, celebrating my birthday in Armenian style and being very touched, traveling in the direction of Georgia

Hitching from Turkey through Armenia and Georgia to Iran (video 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19)

The heavy experience in Greece makes me go east. The travel will slowly lead you trough Turkey, Armenia and Georgia towards Iran and gives a review on living a nomadic life for a year.

#14 – After an unpleasant experience, I hitch-hike from Greece to Turkey

#15 – Resting and meeting nice people in Turkey

#17 – Having a great inside into permaculture and traveling trough Turkey

#18 – An ecological mandate and reviewing a year of living a nomadic life while being in Turkey

#19 – Hitching from Turkey through Georgia and Armenia, to Iran while experiencing great hospitality on the road.