Hitching from Europe to Turkey (Video 9-13)

In these video’s I am arriving back in Europe and I will decide to leave again in the direction of Iran. Traveling slowly, meeting lot’s of friends on the way I end up in a Greek prison.

#9 – After an exhausting hitchhike all the way from Mongolia, I am grateful for the chance to take a brake at home.

#10 – Quitting job, study and relationship and heading for the East

#11 – Seeing old friends, dumpsterdiving in Vienna

#12 – Last days in Vienna, traveling south

#13 – traveling south, ending up in a Greek prison

Hitching from Mongolia to Europe (Video 4,5,8)

About the homesickness and the hitch-hike back from Mongolia to the Netherlands.

#4 – The hitchhike from Mongolia, towards Lake Baikal, Irkutsk and Kansk.

#5 – From Kansk in the direction of Novosibirsk. Surviving in the autumn cold of Siberia.

#8 – From Siberia to Europe. Exhaustion and a race home

From Europe through Siberia to Mongolia (Video 1-3)

These first video’s are about the beginning of my nomadic life, where-in I thought I would travel for 10 month’s.

#1 – Taking the Trans-Siberian express to the middle of the Siberian taiga, hitch-hiking into Mongolia and surviving Mongolian wilderness.

#2 – After staying with nomads I am volunteering in Mongolia at the Anak Ranch.

#3 – While staying at the Anak Ranch in Mongolia I am considering traveling back to Europe trough Kazachstan or Russia.